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Smart Grid / Smart Meter Solution Center

Synaptitude provides transformational Information Technology (IT) consulting services to today’s “Smart” Utilities. The next-generation Utility business is deeply interconnected with the technology that supports it. Yet, many organizations struggle to focus their business and technological concerns on the same goals; sometimes it’s as if they are speaking two separate languages. 

Synaptitude MultiSpeakis a member of the NRECA Multispeak Initiative, participates in NIST SGIP, IEC, TMF, OGC, and other working groups establishing Smart Grid information systems interoperability frameworks. 

The Synaptitude team has experience in the technologies and best practices relevant to Utility Operations, including:

  • SOA and ESB implementations utilizing CIM and Multispeak models
  • Utility Data Analytics
  • Industry-standard GIS (including Visualization design and implementation), OMS, WFM platforms
  • Back-office applications including MDM, CIS, Workforce Management, Outage Management, Pre-Pay
  • E&O applications including SCADA, Load Planning, Demand Automation, Voltage Management, AMI HW/SW
  • Utility Cyber Security
  • Monitoring Platforms, including EMS and MoM platforms
  • Private cloud and SaaS implementations/conversions/migrations

Synaptitude offers a rich set of solutions, industry research, and advisory services for the Smart Grid / Smart Meter industry.


Utility Technology Consulting and Integration

Synaptitude Consulting provides a comprehensive set of consulting and information technology frameworks (service-oriented architectures and strategies) that enable the integration of operational, asset performance, customer service, and energy efficiency systems for utilities.

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Meter-to-Cash Revenue Assurance Solutions

Synaptitude has assembled a powerful set of tools and guidelines to assist Utility Organizations with Meter-to-Cash Assurance. Our tool set includes a Utility Organizational Revenue Assurance Maturity Model, Utility Organizational Revenue Assurance KPI's, Meter-to-Cash Data Analytics, and our Utility Organization Revenue Assurance Dashboard.

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Meter-to-Cash Data Analytics Solutions

The energy and utility industry is encountering a wave of internal and external dynamics that will change how the industry works – and how businesses operate to achieve optimal performance. Learn how Synaptitude leverages the Martin-Dawes Analytics Lavastorm platform to deliver Data Analytics solutions for the energy and utility industry.

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Smart Grid / Smart Meter Knowledge Center

Synaptitude provides expert consulting services for Smart Grid and Smart Meter.  As part of our service to clients, we provide knowledge, research, and regularly report on events and progress within the Smart Grid / Smart meter industry.

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Meter-to-Cash Automated Controls Drive Performance Improvements

The energy and utility market is confronting a wave of internal and external dynamics that will inevitably change how
the market works - and how businesses operate to achieve optimal performance. Learn how using automated controls can improve Meter-to-Cash performance.

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